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The winner of the $500 gift certificate to our shop is…

Joy Lamberti
Oh my gosh … it would have to be the French Vintage Collection … how amazing to use these beauties in my mixed media art!
Your website is more than incredible for all of us, and the generous giveaways and opportunities, well, I know I speak for everyone … we couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to celebrate!
Thank you!

We are so happy for you Joy! Please email us at and we will help you get all of your goodies!

To everyone else that has shopped, shared and spread such sweet words we are so grateful. If you want something in time for Christmas NOW is the time to order. We still have so many beautiful artisan goodies in the shop and we would be so honored to wrap something up for you!


In a world where everyone is pushing something or wanting you to buy something we wanted to make sure that if we were going to offer you something that it was different, special, artisan made and would make your art and life more beautiful!

I truly believe we have accomplished that!  We have a shop full of beautifully curated artisan goods from all over the US.  Many of our offerings are made right here in Colorado.

You will find leather artist products, jewelry, bags, pottery and so much more all made with an exquisite attention to detail and made by hand.

We also have repurposed vintage items to use daily with your art!

From handmade professional quality watercolors to vintage bleached flannel painter smocks…we have something beautiful and fun for you or someone else that loves something out of the ordinary.

To celebrate our brand new online shop we are giving away a $500 gift card to spend any way you want in our shop! Buy some Christmas gifts or splurge on yourself!



To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on THIS POST telling us your favorite item in our new shop!

For additional chances to win:


* Share the new shop and giveaway on Facebook by sharing this post.

* Share your favorite item from our shop on Instagram and tag @jeanneoliver #JOshopfavorite

* Follow us on Instagram

* Blog about the new shop

* Pin images from the shop to Pinterest

Each time you do one of the above just come back here and let us know.

This giveaway will close on December 4, 2017 at 5pm MST.

The winner will be announced on December 4, 2017 at 6pm MST.

Thank you so much for sharing, taking courses, sharing your creative lives and allowing us to do what we love!

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    1. Kim Owen

      Hmmm… There are loads that I love….I just ordered a few things, so am excited to receive them… I love the vintage register books.

  1. Kelly Landon

    My favorite item is the new grey artist bag! I love it! I already follow you on Instagram.

  2. carlanda

    oh Jeanne! it is all so lovely. I love the art bag, and pencil pouch and the antique ledger. I love it all!! this would be so great. thank you. carlanda

  3. carlanda

    oh, and I will share and I follow on ig and fb and anywhere else I can! big groupie here! ha.

  4. Becky Caldwell

    I am highly in love with your new Artist Portfolio and the gorgeous watercolors! They are on my “really want” list! Hahahaha. The new site and shop are gorgeous. Really enjoying it!

    Best wishes to everyone for such a lovely giveaway gift!

  5. Polly Janos

    Oh my goodness…so many goodies! Imy favorite would be one of your originals: She Who Walks in Beauty! The leather art portfolio is my 2nd.

  6. Susan Norwood

    I love the vintage ledger and the portable studio bags! It would be hard to choose with so many great things in your shop! Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. Kina Laurent

    I love your new site and my favorite item is the new Rucksack!!! I’m just having trouble figuring out if I love the charcoal or brown more 🙂

  8. Christina

    It’s hard to pick just one but I think the handmade watercolors. thanks for the chance to win

  9. Julia Howard

    I’m intrigued by the Ocean Sediment paints! I’ve made paint from ash before, but paint from the ocean!!

  10. Fionna

    Congratulations on the new site – it’s beautiful! I absolutely adore the vintage French agenda. They don’t make them like that anymore! Love from Scotland <3


    Oh Gosh I love the new artist bag. The duck cotton with the shoulder straps. It is honestly hard to choose. Your site is gorgeous! <3
    Way to go team. 🙂

  12. Diane Lanford

    My absolute favorite is the bag leather art bag with the brush holder. Oh yes I would fill that with the beautiful paints and journals. You are most fabulous. Love, Di

  13. Amy Jupin

    the portfolio or vintage portable art studio. my daughter is an artist and i love to find unique supplies for her to use. last year i purchased one of jeanne’s handmade journals and it made a beautiful Christmas gift for my daughter! imagine the fun we could have with $500! all the best to you and your lovely family, jeanne! xo!

  14. Lisa Ladd

    Toss up. . . .but I’m going with Apron!
    Aprons are creative and empowering!!!

  15. Annette Maloney

    Oh my goodness! So many lovely items in your shop, but I agree with several of the other gals who have already posted, the artist bag is stylist, functional and I do believe, a “must have!!!

  16. sharonfcox

    So excited to do the encaustic workshop I purchased!!!! So many dreamy things on the site! Love how it works on my phone!
    I followed on Instagram!

  17. Kay Pierce

    The art bag is my favorite!!! Follow you on IG already …pinned my favorites on Pinterest . Love the vintage ledger.

  18. Karen

    So excited for you and all of us. Very thankful I’ve found you and all you teach and share. Peace and love ❤️

  19. Martha Honaker

    The courses you offer are incredible. Women of Advent! The shop is incredible and I love all of the amazing watercolor sets…How could you not love them!


    I love all the watercolors! Followed you on Instagram! Pinning now to Pinterest!

  21. Leslie

    Oh my, I love the vintage linen aprons that are currently out of stock . . . and I love, love, love the Living Studio Art Rucksack in Charcoal. You have so many great items it’s hard to narrow it down to one. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year celebration.

  22. Ema

    Oh my! So much goodness in your shop! Artwork is what is getting me through a horrific trauma – and so many beautiful items in your shop!


    New website is beautiful and so is the #8 painter smock – love it.

  24. Lisa

    Beautiful shop Jeanne! Congrats. ?. Hard to choose a favorite but those bleached vintage flannel shirts are way cool.

  25. CD Muckosky

    What a beautiful shop!!! I love the Art rucksacks in both colors but honesty everything is just so so lovely! Really happy for you guys! Many blessings


    Leather portfolio bag is calling my name. Now to convice my hubby it is a must need.

  27. Carol Ponsford

    Wow! What a great xmas gift this will be for someone (hopefully me!)
    Thanks for the opportunity. Your new site is so awesome.

  28. Ngaire Brown

    It would have to be The Living Studio Art Rucksack | Bark – oh the adventures I could go on with this!

  29. Carol Collier

    I love many of the watercolor sets…..and the studio bags….and the rucksack….and the watercolor journals….I would have no trouble using that gift certificate!

  30. Sally Bell

    I LOVE the rucksack! My sister bought one and I am so jealous! Absolutely love the new site.

  31. Anja

    I love, love, love those beautiful The Living Studio toolboxes,especially the grey one!

  32. Hannah McConnell

    OH my goodness!!!
    I would want a couple “Into the Woods” prints and the Living Studio Art Rucksack!!!

  33. Shawn Martin

    So love the Sophie Art bag!! I’m really wanting to purchase some of the watercolor tins though!

  34. Michelle Gajda

    I love all of the studio tool boxes but I am particularly in love with the ivory one!

  35. Beaté

    A favorite? Just one? I love so many things! The vintage ledger and the toolbox kits are so unique.

  36. Gwen

    I love both the luella handbag and the
    anne vintage fabric portable studio!
    love the fabrics!

  37. Barbara Buckles

    Reminds me of when I fantasize about winning the lottery…hmmm, lots of small things or one big thing??? I LOVE the watercolors, and the toolboxes, but I’m thinking an original piece of your art, “So Many Choices Before You”! I would love to have something your hands have touched with thought and caring consideration to hang on the wall to watch over me as I travel the path you have opened for me. Your Reflections workshop changed my life and even lead me to write a memoir…at 70, my world is expanding rather than shutting down. Who could ask for more?!? Thank you, Jeanne!


    My favorite is the vintage ledger. The new website is amazing, great job!


    WOW! All of these special items are drool-worthy! I am eyeing the watercolor sets in the vintage tins. The colors are yummy and tins are nostalgic. <3

  40. Lyn

    What a fabulous eclectic mix of needful items…I’m particularly loving the Art Messenger Bag…thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. ?


    Shared on FB. Thank you for these fun and generous giveaways. And congratulations on a truly beautiful and well thought out website.

  42. Jennifer Takahashi

    So hard to choose one! The whole brand looks inviting! Love the vintage feel! I might pick the ocean sediment pallet. It is such a sweet size and beautiful colours. Thanks so much for all you do and for the extra give-away fun!

  43. Danielle

    I shared on Pinterest and Instagram. Thank you for hosting this generous giveaway!

  44. Mary zan warren

    My favorite item is the vintage ledger, it is simply to die for……so many possibilites and i could use all the art supplies jeanne oliver sells in that ledger, its a dreamy thing to have!..

  45. Carmen Leigh

    Everything is exquisite! I love the Artist Rucksacks and the Vintage Flannel Artist’s Smocks!!! So beautiful!

  46. Terry J Walker

    I love the canvas (looks like canvas) bags with leather straps. So practical yet very cool looking. Also, I love the small artisan watercolor sets. I know that’s 2 things, and I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. Thanks for the opportunity.

  47. Marie Garot

    So hard to decide, but really love the grey rucksack! TY for the opportunity!

  48. elisabetta monnini

    My favorite item is the tollbox a watercolor palette. Love this giveway! Cross my fingers!

  49. Danielle Zeissig

    The artist rucksack and watercolors!!! I have so many art supplies that I need a way to travel with them?

  50. Joy Lamberti

    Oh my gosh … it would have to be the French Vintage Collection … how amazing to use these beauties in my mixed media art!
    Your website is more than incredible for all of us, and the generous giveaways and opportunities, well, I know I speak for everyone … we couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to celebrate!
    Thank you!

  51. Linda Angio

    My favorite item is The Living Studio Art Rucksack in charcoal. I love it!!!! (I love all the items, but if I had to choose just one, that would be it).


    Everything is my favorite! This is my favorite favorite- Minéral terrestre – Earth mineral watercolor palette. I do love the flannels also, and the tool boxes, and the ….

  53. Linda Angio

    My favorite item is The Living Studio Art Rucksack in charcoal. I love it!!! Love all the items, but if I had to choose just one, that would be it.

  54. Mary Soghomonian

    Congratulations! Love all the watercolor tins and the flannel artists smocks.

  55. Roslind Sherman

    OMG So many delightful choices … I love the usefulness of the Art Rucksack/bark

  56. Lynda

    I love, love, love the hand made watercolor colors!!! And everything else. You are magic!

  57. Sara Garza

    Love your new site and store. One of my favorite items in your shop is the Wit and Humor gallery wrapped canvas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  58. Faye Day

    The handmade watercolors by Wildthorne are my favorites (the Mineral Terrestre – delicious). I also love the artist smocks – so many lovely things.


    I love it all and already have a few pieces and have been fortunate enough to see your pop up shop in the living studio in person. I love the charcoal grey artist rucksack…just yummy. Also love, love the art smocks.
    Congratulations to you and the family on this next step in your amazing business! May God continue to bless your endeavors and dreams!
    Julie in Texas


    Oh my gosh, everything looks amazing! Love the look of the new site. I would have to say those big Living Studio Art rucksacks look wonderful – perfect for toting around all my art supplies!

  61. Shaye Sedberry

    Soooo many beautiful things! I love the portable studio and the watercolors!!! Scrumptious colors ….
    Congratulations on such an inspiring site! True delight?

  62. Rita Timmons

    Love the watercolor palettes! Congratulations on the new site… thanks for the awesome give away!

  63. Marsha

    Your photography and design showcase all of your products so beautifully it is hard to choose a favorite, but I am especially intrigued by the watercolors ❤️

  64. Cindy Eagan

    Watercolor sets & backpack studio. I am also following you on Instagram!!

  65. Chris Butterworth

    I love everything, but what caught my eye are those mineral watercolors, just gorgeous!

  66. Sandy Derryberry

    I love those mineral pigmented watercolor sets. I’d have one of each please! Plus the vintage paper!

  67. Nadia Ellis

    The mixed media art journals look just perfect and of course I love many of the courses! Best of luck with the new site!


    I love the vintage army studio bag. Reminds me of one my father gave to me years ago where I kept my piano music books!

  69. Cheryl Hooper

    The leather artist portfolio is my absolute favourite. The whole vintage section is pretty sweet too. Oh, and also the blue paint set. Beautifully curated collection!

  70. Iris

    Good grief – how to decide? I’ve loved your jewelry from way back, so the Amazonite prayer necklace is so lovely, but I also love the Jasper & Onyx prayer necklace. And, I just purchased the portraiture watercolor class so the art supplies would be great. The bags are beautiful – just so much to choose from!

  71. Wendy Norman

    I am in love with the Ocean mineral watercolor set. Oh and several of the bags!!

  72. Janet Pickard

    I love the watercolor sets – it would be impossible to choose between them!

  73. Christine Thomas

    Oh Gosh! I love the earth mineral watercolor palette pots ( I have never had pots before). I know, I feel like a little kid in the adult store! And I also was very drawn to the leather artist portfolio. Everything looks very exciting! I happy for your new site.

  74. Dawn

    Congratulations on the new site and thank you for the drawing. Tough choice but my favorite right this minute is the persimmon print.


    OMG, I love the portable studio. Thanks for doing this and congratulations on the new site.

  76. Christine Thomas

    Oh Gosh! I love the earth mineral watercolor palette pots ( I have never had pots before). I know, I feel like a little kid in the adult store! And I also was very drawn to the leather artist portfolio.

  77. Carla Bortolamedi

    Such fantastic watercolor kits! I’ve been good this year, Santa Jo!! 🙂

  78. Linda

    I love shopping for beautiful things this way. The toolbox sets caught my eye but I’m particularly interested in your new book!

  79. Didi Arias

    Well that living art rucksack is to die for! I follow you on IG, Face and just bought a course. Thank you for this nice and generous offer! Happy holidays.

  80. Amista Nielson

    My favourite item in the new shop is The Living Studio Art Rucksack in Charcoal. The material looks so lush! I could get away with taking my art supplies anywhere with me using this! It matches my small crossbody wallet perfectly! Gorgeous art confectionary! And definitely something that we done not have any choice of here in Western Australia!

  81. Roxann Regenstreif

    The art russet bag in charcoal❤️ Also the ocean sediment palette. Everything is so wonderful, it’s hard to choose. Winning would inspire me to follow my heART. THANK YOU for all your inspiring posts!

  82. Dorian

    The art rucksacks are gorgeous. Simple, luxurious, what a beautiful way to hold your supplies.


    The Art Rucksack in bark is amazing!! Oh my gosh. Although it’s crazy hard to narrow it down to one thing, that’s my absolute fav!! It’s just beautiful!

  84. Harleen Osburn

    I love the site and the shop – so much goodness! The watercolor palettes are my favorites though! Thank you for your generous give away and Merry Christmas to you and those you lov.e.

  85. butterfly

    The handmade watercolours look absolutely glorious. And I can see why the inspirational vintage toolbox kits have sold out already – pure delight. Thanks so much for the chance to win a magical shopping spree.
    Alison x

  86. Diana Gabriella

    Love the vintage military canvas art bag!! Oh, and the rucksack!! Your store is wonderful and you’re offering lots of beautiful things ??? Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway! ?

  87. JeanFB

    Oh my goodness the vintage toolbox studio would be my first choice! Everything is so lovely. Thanks for the chance!

    And I already follow on instagram ?

  88. Marilyn McGinley

    I love the watercolor sets and handbags and I have my eye on a lot of other goodies too. 🙂


    I did some pinning. It’s a start anyway. I love so much in your shop! 🙂

  90. Janet Pickard

    Well I posted on Instagram but it was a repost from @jeanneoliver. Tagged you..hope it’s ok. I find Instagram to not be very intuitive to use….

  91. Rene

    I adore the Bird of Truth and Contentment prints and the grey rucksack. Actually everything 🙂

    The site is beautiful! Thanks for offering this gift.

  92. Mary Boettcher

    I love the vintage flannel shirts/smocks. They look so soft and comfortable.


    Already a multi-class veteran on your site, I’d love to put that grey artist’s rucksack to use!

  94. Darla

    There’s no way in the world I can pick one favorite thing from your shop! I love it all!

  95. Aimee Cooney

    Great job on the new site! I love the cigar box empty watercolor pan set. I’m always looking for fun ways to put my palettes together and this is very unique.

  96. Christy

    The prayer necklaces are gorgeous!! They are my favorite though I love all the bags too. I am a bag junky. ?

  97. Kim

    Oh ! This is a very hard one to answer, as All items in your shop are fabulous!
    I’d start with the Vintage tins, with watercolor, so lovely!

  98. Cheryl Dobbe

    The Kennedy art bag for sure! And shared and followed on FB and instagram!

  99. Elizabeth

    I love the vintage French paint palette….(and the hand made paints as a gift for my sister!) Those blues and greens are yummy!

  100. Jo Anne Young

    I love the Vintage Ledger – Which I Pinned
    Plus I already follow you on Instagram.

  101. elizabeth Wisse

    Thanks for the opportunity to win $500 to spend in your shop! My favorite item in your shop is the Vintage Ledger which I see is sold out already :-(. My second favorite thing is The Living Studio rucksack in charcoal.

  102. Sherri Carpenter

    Love the rucksacks and the watercolor palates. The new site is beautiful!

  103. Sandy Austin

    The new site is beautiful! I would definitely start with one of those vintage watercolor palettes. Those are drool-worthy ?

  104. Kristine Toms

    Love the new website, Jeanne! Congratulations!
    Love those handmade watercolours!

  105. Ellie Jacques-Capon

    Totally digging the ocean sediment mineral watercolor palette. Get in my bag!

  106. Deborah Quintana

    I love all things vintage! You have an amazing shop and website!! I shared on Facebook, followed/shared on Instagram, followed/pinned on Pinterest. I don’t have a blog unfortunately. Thank you so much! ???

  107. RaNae Ellett

    I pinned three items to My Pinterest page in new folder: Jean Oliver Online Store

  108. victoria bowen

    So many lovelies, but I think my favorite is the Ocean Sediment Mineral Watercolor Palette.

  109. Caroline Duncan

    The entire shop is AHHH-mazing!!! The vintage ledger in the vintage section is my favorite at the moment! Congrats on your continued success and thank you for such a generous giveaway!!

  110. Lisa Bramhill

    How do you pick a favorite ? Love it all. I do love the watercolor pallets in the tins. I’ve been debating on buying myself another gift. ?

  111. Tonya

    My favorite thing in the shop at this moment is the Vintage Ledger. I love old papers. Thank you for the chance to win.

  112. Ellen

    It’s so hard to choose just ONE favorite. The website and shop are just exquisite! OK, if I have to pick…Art Bag. No, maybe toolbox..No, maybe your aprons (out of stock now). Shoot, the whole thing is my favorite! I already follow you on instagram. Shared on Facebook. Oh, how I would LOVE to win this!! <3

  113. April Lopez

    I love all the art supplies in your shop. The art kits/tool box are super awesome.

  114. Wanda Miller

    Absolutely everything!!!!! And what I would give one day to take a class!!!! Much success and Blessings to you!!!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  115. Cheryl

    There’s so much to love, but if I have to pick one it would have to be the watercolor sets!


    your new site is simply spectacular, Jeanne ~ especially the lovely story your header video tells ~ every little detail is inspiring, beautiful and artful.
    loving the mineral watercolour palettes you are offering in the shop!

  117. Marianne Grobbelaar

    I love your vintage watercolor pallets! Congratulations on your new amazing website!!!!!

  118. Robin

    I love everything in the shop and the new site is gorgeous! Any of the art bags or art supplies would be on my wish list!

  119. Kathy lieb

    Everything in the shop is gorgeous. Your aesthetic is beautiful, Jeanne. I adore the charcoal rucksack. It looks like something a “real” artist would carry. As I’ve recently started thinking of myself as a real artist (after 54 years) I’d love to look the part, too! Best of luck with your new site.

  120. Serena Berry

    My favorite is your art work (duh)

    I’m also digging the bleached flannel shirts. Super cool ?

  121. Peggy McDevitt

    I follow you on Instagram and Facebook and always like and comment. Wow, what to choose, there is nothing that I don’t love. A painters smock would be terrific to win. I am so impressed with your shop and new site. This is one fantastic site. Much appreciated, thank you.

  122. Michelle

    Oh, my gosh…how to choose? The shop looks amazing, Jeanne! Congratulations on the the new site and thanks for all you do for the arts. My favorite are the vintage watercolor palettes. Beautiful and useful…

  123. Kathleen D

    I would splurge on the yummy watercolor sets! It’s all so lovely. Congrats on the new site and store.

  124. Merrilee Anderson

    That vintage French artist palette! All beautiful selections though!!!

  125. tree

    I LOVE the toolbox set and the rucksack in bark. And i love the vintage roster. and the watercolor set in ocean tones. the more i look, the greedier i become. i haven’t felt this way since the Sears Christmas catalog came when i was a kid. Ive had a lot of fun here in your new site. Love, tree

  126. Dionea

    All of the art bags are lovely. The rucksack is amazing. I would love any of them. Everything in your shop is beautiful as always. Pinning some of my favorites.

  127. Candice

    One? Did you say one? oh my…..I guess I will go with the unusual, but very cool bleached flannel artist smocks!


    AHHH! Just one!!! I love the vintage French ledger, the watercolors, the art journals…I can’t stop! Thank you for the opportunity!

  129. Susan Morrison

    Hi from Australia
    Where would I start!? I just love the mineral watercolour palettes (all of them ) and they would go ever so nicely in the Leather artist portfolio.
    Oh to dream 🙂
    I already follow on Instagram.
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity xx

  130. kelly

    I have been dreaming about the Living Studio Art Rucksack in Bark since it’s reveal, would love to win this from your gorgeous Creative Network!

  131. Jo

    Oh goodness – I love the new paint pallettes, the cream toolbox, and the new rustic leather totes. But… I love ❤️ it all! I have one of your fabric tote bags and adore it!

  132. A.M. Ruse

    Many favorites. The amazonite necklace and the traveling studio soft kits. The books. The tools…The lovely bags. Really so many lovely items! Just followed on Instagram. PS I love the Christmas tours – really puts me in the mood for shiny happy Christmas!!! Peace!

  133. Kimberly McKinstry

    I just saved your shop to my “love” pinterest board. So many good thing

  134. Julie Crouch

    Would have to be “After the Storm” original artwork. I live in Florida..need I say more? 🙂 Next would be the Jasper and Onyx Prayer Necklace…love love love…Everything is beautiful! I got teary eyed watching your video…thank you for all that you do for our creative journey!

  135. Kimberly McKinstry

    I also selected my three favorite things and made an instagram post and shared it on facebook as well. I love the vintage watercolor tins, the leather portfolio and the leather backpack with the accessory pouches .

  136. Julie May

    So much yumminess to choose from, its hard to name just one!! I’m a sucker for bags though, so I’d say the charcoal artist rucksack?
    I follow you on instagram already and will share this on Facebook! Thank you so much, and congrats on the beautiful new site!

  137. Elaine

    Everything is so awesome but the toolbox is my favorite. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Congratulations love the new website.

  138. Sharon Green

    LOVE the vintage French ephemera sheets and the watercolors…they just look so yummy!! 🙂

  139. Melissa

    Love the new site!! Thank you so much.

    I like the vintage fabric portable studio…a great way to grab and go when you’re headed out to do art in plein air or travel. Wonderful item!!

  140. Becky Smith

    I love the beautiful repurposed fabrics and leather in the bags; the vintage toolbox almost made me drool! I wish I had the $$ for the ledger – that would be so awesome! I don’t think I can pick any ONE favorite thing!

  141. Kelly Stuart

    My favorite item is the lino cut “You Know My Story.” I put it in my cart as soon as I saw it, but then hesitated to pull the trigger . . . it speaks to my heart.

  142. Anna

    Oh, I love the portable studio toolbox…. although it all is so beautiful! Congratulations on the new site and thank you!

  143. Kimberly D.

    Where do I begin? I have fallen in love with the Kennedy Art bag, and could really use the Rucksack/ Bark. Oh, and I love the art journals and adore all the watercolor palettes. I could go on and on!! I also am following you on Instagram.


    My goodness. EVERYTHING about the new site is wonderful!! But I must say , handmade watercolors are my weakness!!! Lol
    Robin Leuschen


    So many wonderful things but I just love the Ocean watercolour palette!

  146. Britt

    So many things to love. My faves are the floral art bags and the tool boxes and army bag and the water color pans and the…

  147. sandra

    Definitely the vintage ledgers!! Thank you for the most generous giveaway.. I have my fingers crossed!!

  148. Lindy

    stunning…. you’ve mastered the art of infusing your new space with your spirit… feels very much like you… loved paging through… difficult to choose only one as many have already mentioned, so for now my fave is the vintage tool sets repurposing vintage tool boxes into art supply carriers. Perfect. <3


    Hello from Canada!
    Such beautiful items in your shop. My favourite has to be the Autumn Leaves Earth mineral palette.
    Thank you for your curating of great products.

  150. julie

    I love the bags and the amazonite necklace. Everything is beautiful and your shop is stunning.

  151. Mary W

    I love your canvas prints the In Between and Reflection! Your bags are beautiful as well, so many wonderful things to choose from. I wish you all the best with your new site!

  152. Susan Berkowitz

    I adore the rucksack!! So useful! It would be amazing to be able to get it. I follow on Instagram already. Am going to go Pin items from the shop!

  153. Melissa

    Your site is amazing!!!!!! 🙂 love the art rucksack!!!!! And watercolors. .. and there are so many prints and originals on my to get list ?
    Thank you for your generosity 🙂

  154. Molly Pearce

    I absolutely love the charcoal rucksack! Would love to put my art supplies in it 🙂

  155. Debbie Manske

    Following you on Instagram under hercreativesoul 🙂 My IG page. Thanks for this chance!

  156. Kim

    So many cool things in your beautiful shop! My favourites at the moment are the Toolbox sets and the Flannel Smocks ❤

  157. Debbie Manske

    Posted a pic of one of my fav items in your shop on my Instagram account, hercreativesoul, and tagged it 🙂 Thanks for the change -this is a great opportunity!! <3

  158. Susan Phillips

    Just started exploring new site. Like it a lot. Very artsy.

    Like the gray art bags.

  159. Debbie Manske

    Shared the blog post on my FB page 🙂 Thanks again for the chance! So kind of you!

  160. Suzanne O'Mullan

    It is a tie between the new watercolors, the ledgers and your new art bags – I’m sorry can’t choose!!!!!!! Also your new site is amazing! Thank you for this!!!!!!

  161. Marie Wiid

    I love the vintage products, especially the ledger and milkman’s log book. Love vintage paper and books!

  162. Tamara Shapiro

    There is no way to pick one favorite! Your shop Isco a dream. I have already splurged. One of my favorites is the Art Bag. Also love the variety and repurposing of the vintage. Just wonderful! Tammy

  163. Anne Lahr

    Hi JO! You really have a knack for collecting my interest in your blog, courses and art world. I love your new online shop and webpage! Heading off to sign up for another one of your awesome courses. Signed, your student and fellow artist, Anne Lahr…..AL P.S. My maternal grandmother was an Oliver. Maybe we are related.


    The new website looks fantastic. I am loving the Rucksacks in the shop! And the leather portfolio!

  165. Maeve Binder

    Love your new site! I would like to have some of those scrumptious new watercolor paints in your shop, especially the ocean blues.

  166. Marilyn Hawthorne

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    PS. the new website is so smooth and professional and easy to maneuver. Well done Jeanne!
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    Oh wow. The Ocean Sediment watercolors are my most favorite colors and I’m madly, deeply in love with the grey bag! I want that for my field journaling! Thank you so much for offering this fabulous giveaway, Jeanne.

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    Alison x


    Jeanne… Firstly.. congratulations on such a beautiful website. It’s gorgeous. The giveaway… what an extraordinary generous gift. What’s not to like in your shop… my favourite outside of vintage and art supplies… your BOOK!! I love books, I love art… but I also love understanding and learning, how as artists we all bring something different and unique to our artsy table. From this we learn to grow in work, in our confidence. Thank you for this opportunity xo

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    It would have to be the Vintage army art set. But, honestly, everything is worth commenting about and loving.


    Your new site is wonderfully well done. Bravo to you and your team! IOh my goodness! How can I pick one favorite? I love so much. I am an art supply junkie so am drawn to that section, especially the Living Studio items. But my heart skips a beat for the vintage finds. If you force me to pick one item, though, it is the Living Studio rucksack. The brown one. I’ve done a bit of sewing with waxed canvas and I adore it. I like the look and the feel and it just gets better and better with wear.

    I am looking forward to seeing your book!

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