Last Day For The Early Registration Price {Making Art Sing}

One of the most popular classes on our creative network last year was Julie Johnson’s Scribble Art!

Julie is a born teacher and she provides rich content full of technique, inspiration and encouragement.

Today is the LAST day for the early registration price of her follow up to Scribble Art...

Making Art Sing | Values, Shapes and Lines

This is a one week course that will compliment and expand on her very popular online course Scribble Art! You do not have to take her first course to take Making Art Sing.


In Julie’s words about her newest online workshop…

Making art sing is finding a melody that is unique to each one of us in our art.

We all have our own voice.

It’s time to find the confidence in the gracefulness of your lines and notes of yummy moments that turn into our focal points along with the success of values.

We will be using simple materials in order to really see the form and study the movement of the head and body and street scene, hands, and intuitive drawing. Most materials you probably already own, pencil, pen, stabilo marks-all pencil, charcoal, ink, gesso, eraser, paintbrush, q-tips, Art journal, Bristol paper. Add a couple new materials; vellum (is a versatile 90lb multi-purpose paper, semi transparent using the tooth side we will use ink and charcoal) and inktense pencils (waterbased) and that is all we need to make art that sings with your voice!!!

Looking forward to hearing all the different tones as we study values.

A peek into the rich course content

This is the LAST day for the early registration price for this one week, lifetime* access course of $29.98. This course will begin on February 15, 2016.


To read more about what you will learn in the course or to register please click HERE.

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  1. SeasideAve

    HI Jeanne,
    I discovered you last year and have taken a few of your courses so far…and signed up for two more a week or so ago! You have been instrumental in bringing creativity back into my life!
    This year I vowed to do at least one thing creative every day…be it drawing, sewing, crafting, journaling or decorating! I have found that doing at least one thing creative every day has only fueled my need to be creative…which is amazing!
    I shared this on Facebook and on Pinterest!!
    Happy Friday!!
    Hugs, Kimberley

  2. Joan Hathaway

    I want to sign up for this class, but on the home page is says the cost is $29 but when you go to register, it says its $49.

    1. jeanne Author

      Joan, thank you for your message. The early registration price ended last week. Where are you still seeing the lower price? I just went to the main page of the class and it is the $49 price. Let us know. Thank you.

      1. Suzen

        My computer has been showing the “last day for early registration” for over a week now. That’s probably where Joan got the idea that the price was lower.

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