Venezia High Renaissance Gum Tempera Color Set


18 gum tempera colors in 20ml tubes arrives in a wooden box

A water-based gum emulsion paint that can be used as an under-paint for subsequent layers of oil color (onto canvas or panel), or as a paint in itself, that can be applied to paper. Dilutes with water. Can be mixed with sieved egg yolk to make an ‘egg tempera’ paint, that dries with a satin-gloss sheen.

Colors include: Brightling, Gamboge, Carmine Red, Carmine, Carmine Purple, Indigo, Payne’s Grey Original (Davy’s Grey – Lapis – English Red), Lapis Lazuli Sky blue, Lapis Lazuli – Mantegna, Azurite Blue-Green, Malachite, Sap Green, Chrysocolla Deep, Raw Sienna Monte Amiata, Burnt Sienna, Monte Amiata, Caput Mortuum Violet Natural, Vine Black/Waning Moon Charcoal, Delvers White.

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