September Course Special | Foraged Landscapes with Kristy Kensigner

This month we offered another free art lesson and it was for Natural Pigment Making from the course Foraged Landscapes with Kristy Kensinger.




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The natural world allows us to connect to ourselves and our surroundings. Being part of nature has a way of heightening your senses and allowing you to be fully immersed in the present moment. By bringing nature into your artwork, you can obtain a broader connection to yourself and the environment around.

Through this course, you will forage natural elements for your artwork and learn the process of natural pigment making. You will gather field notes and apply your found pigments through art exercises and landscape studies. Kristy’s hope is that you will connect to nature and allow yourself to experiment with new mediums that will enrich your existing art practice.


Techniques Taught in this Course

  • Explore abstract landscape techniques
  • Make your own natural pigments
  • Source your own pigments for painting
  • Make your own soft pastels
  • Make your own acrylics, oils and watercolors
  • Learn where and how to forage minerals for pigment making
  • Build depth to your landscapes
  • Connect to your landscapes by learning the history of the area
  • Combine natural pigments with supplies in your studio
  • Use your composition to your advantage
  • Learn how to use bold brushstrokes to create expression
  • Experiment with a variety of color palettes
  • Learn how to play with light and shadows to create expressionistic shapes
  • Use color and light to mimic natural shapes and elements


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