The Jeanne Oliver Podcast Episode Fifty Four | The Lies of Perfectionism with Sandi Hester


The Jeanne Oliver Podcast

In this episode Jeanne is talking with artist, generous teacher and amazing you tuber Sandi Hester. Sandi has created a world of color and art in the midst of health issues for many years. This conversation dives deep into the lies of perfectionism and how perfectionism can disguise itself.




Sandi Hester had her first painting lessons around her grandmother’s kitchen table during long summer visits in the countryside of Franklin, Tennessee. Her grandmother was a pottery artist and first exposed Sandi to the feel of a loaded paintbrush sliding across a surface. For Sandi, the subject, color, texture and enjoyment of the creative process are very important.

“I’m always aiming for a looseness – a suggestion of what’s really there. I try to capture the beauty of the scene and the feeling of color and warmth instead of recording the details of the scene. I’m not interested in the exactness – I’m interested in how it makes me feel. Painting this way tells you more about the image or scene than when grasping for the details.” – Sandi Hester



Episode Summary

Podcast 054 | The Lies of Perfectionism with Sandi Hester


“I see that it (perfectionism) is a joy stealer, it’s an energy stealer, it steals the ability to think of others first or even at all, and because of that part of the self-focus, it isolates.” 6:05

“The bad speaks so much louder than the good. And when perfectionism and self-worship are present, it gives the bad a lot of power.” 8:14

“We can let perfect keep us from good.” 8:48

“Just say yes and figure it out later.” 21:09

“Perfectionism can show up with over planning, over preparing, and then sometimes never doing because there will always be unknowns.” 21:55

“I think there is something that gets stolen from us when there’s self-worship there at the core.” 30:36

“I think we honor our gifts that we’ve been given by using them and more importantly enjoying them.” 33:19

“You can’t glorify the Lord with your gifts if you’re not using them.” 47:37



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  1. Laura

    Thank you for creating this community and support for creatives.

  2. Cindy Quandt-Guerra

    Ladies! This podcast was “perfect!” 😆
    Every. Single. Word. was from God’s heart, through your lips, to my soul!
    Whew! Thank you for following the nudging of the Spirit to talk about hard things and sharing your own life experiences with the faith that God will use them to touch and encourage others. That takes courage and the willingness or conviction that being vulnerable or living out your vulnerability will change other people’s lives…not just your own. 💖

  3. Cindy A Boney

    Oh my goodness… I am not even finished listening, and the tears are flowing. I have about 15 days left before I retire from a career in education. About 22 years ago, I knew I wanted to paint and make art, but I had just graduated (at age 42), and I was also committed to wanting to be a teacher.

    The thing that brought me to tears was Sandy’s husband’s statement about saying “Yes,” and figure it out later. In my 30’s I own a business typing for the public. I walked in to a Mail Boxes Etc., and bravely asked them about their typing services. The owners said they were looking for someone to contract with, so we became partners. When Sandy said, “Say yes…” it reminded me of that time and the jobs Bill would call me in to do. And wait for it..” I always said, “But I don’t know how.” And Bill, the owner l, would say, “Just say yes, and figure it out later.” Wow!

    So now, in my 60s, I’m saying yes again. I’ve been practicing, dabbling, and showing work on social media, but actually stepping out to make this my final career has been overwhelming. Now I know why! Thanks for airing this podcast. It’s one I’ll return to often! 🦋

  4. Lynne Davey

    Loved this podcast. As I age, I have given up perfectionism and it feels so good. I was the young mom with three little ones who had to find all the shoes for the Barbies before I went to bed. I had to make sure all the fringe was straight on our area rugs. I had to make sure all the bird feeders were full before guests came. Yup you heard that right😳 My children still tease me about this. At 62, I have actually found joy in not being a perfectionist. I still feel guilty sometimes when I do art, if weeds need to be pulled or laundry needs to be done. I am trying to get over the guilt. Not sure why I even feel that way. Thanks again!

  5. Perskaya01

    This conversation was such a wake up call for me.

    I also struggle with health issues that include chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and a struggle to stay focused. I just turned 47 and–while still working a full-time job–I’m start what I hope will be an art career that can carry me through my retirement years. This podcast helped me recognize I also feel I have to have the answer to all the questions before I move forward on anything. I think I used to think of this as me simply approaching things with a personality type that is a planner and attempting to accept that, but this discussion actually helped me to see that there is baggage that comes with that approach. I think that not moving forward one step at a time is carrying weight God didn’t give me (I gave it to myself) and it also fights against the natural step-by-step process where God may also intervene and open doors.

    I’m still processing everything that was said, but just wanted to say I appreciate this discussion and the Godly insight, which I very much needed right now. Many heartfelt thanks.

  6. Pam Kennedy aka Ann English in utube

    I’m a beginner watercolorist and 69 yr. old Gramma… I don’t know how I came across Sandi’s utube, but God had a plan for me today! I’ve never seen a podcast… not a techie… yes I have had chronic health issues including struggling with depression. I can’t tell you how much this has opened my eyes and heart… looking forward to hearing from you both again! In the meantime, I suppose I can start painting more … and knowing God is in all my days… God bless you both! Ephesians 3:16-21, Colossians 1, Proverbs 3:5-6 ❤️

  7. Maya

    Have never listened to a Podcast before…what joy that is was with the two of you…finding Sandi was a gift in its self…hearing this podcast was 1000 ballon’s set off all at once…in my head.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart

  8. Mel

    Just casually bawling over here circling back to this podcast today. I think the very reason Sandi is so good at spoon-feeding inspiration to others is because she has worked hard to let go of perfectionist tendencies! It makes things feel more achievable for those watching and listening. Thank you both so much for putting this together. 💗

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