Three More Stencil Idea Videos

Have you wanted to create portraits in your work or art journals?

Have you wanted the process to feel easy, fun and even relaxing?

Maybe you just want some new inspiration and some new lines to get you started?

I am so excited to tell you about my brand new stencils from Stencil Girl Products and how this new tool can say YES to each of the questions above.

Last year I was approached by Mary Beth Shaw of Stencil Girl Products to use my original art in their gorgeous stencils. As we were looking through my art and trying to decide which pieces would bring you the most fun in your creating we knew the faces, florals and mark making from Eyes Wide Open would be the perfect place to begin.


We just created three more idea videos below and the original technique video is still included in this post too. We just don’t want you to miss anything.


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Watch a technique video using Thoughtful Face Girl Stencil





The stencils have large and small portraits, mark making and florals!

This collaboration has made me so proud and I can not wait to see how YOU create with them!

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    1. leah

      Jeanne, it’s exciting to see your creative, intuitive energy explode on camera. AWESOME!!!! Love your energy and limitless explorations.

  1. Muffet

    Such wonderful ideas about how to use these, especially for a beginner like me! Thank you, Jeanne!

  2. Betsy Ratzsch

    Jeanne, Your new stencils will really open the door for people who feel intimidated by the human face. It is so complex and amazing but this really is such a good confidence builder . Love the mark/flower ones too. Thanks for sharing your creativity. Often we need a push to get started. Thanks.

  3. constance

    agree!- baby steps toward portraits.
    even copying the stitched one onto paper now would be one more for the collection…
    thanks for this sharing- the stencils are beautiful and we’ve had fun with the process
    (and I like tiny tulip brand cans of spray paint-they work well ,mini cans that fit in your hand
    and don’t clog)

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